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So, you are starting a business. With so much to do you may wonder how Blogging can help your marketing strategy. And more importantly, how can it improve the bottom line of your business. You may also wonder how Blogging fits into your marketing strategy. Blogging should be considered an effective marketing strategy. That’s because Blogging is a powerful tool that will drive more traffic to your website. It will also increase brand awareness. And it will encourage a dialogue between your business and customers that benefits both parties in many ways. There are several great reasons to incorporate blogging into your internet marketing, including:

  1. More Traffic to Your Website
  2. Improved social media presence.
  3. Greater brand awareness
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Content reusability

1. More Traffic to Your Website

effective marketing strategy

If your business has a website and you’re not currently using a blog to drive traffic; you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. This is just to say that if Blogging is not part of your marketing strategy, it ought to be. Blogging allows you to draw in visitors who are looking for information related to your niche. These are visitors who otherwise wouldn’t reach your site. Because while the content is related to what you sell; Google doesn’t see a link to a product as being relevant enough to rank your pages highly for certain search phrases.

A blog bridges this gap and increases your reach by targeting these keywords using content that can gain a high rank in the search engine results pages. The result is access to a greater pool of potential customers in the process. As you can see, having a blog for your business is no longer a after tough, it’s a sound marketing strategy that can no longer be ignored.

2. Improved Social Media Presence

social media marketing

The benefits of blogging extend beyond organic traffic. Not only is it a valuable means to gain search engine authority, but it is also a great way to increase your social media presence as it gives you more content to share on your social media accounts. A social media strategy is separate from that of your website’s marketing strategy. Simply put, you must figure out which social media platform(s) are right for you, what audience you will reach on these platforms, and how you will use those platforms. Once you’ve done that it’s just a matter of linking your social media accounts to your website.

This kind of sharing is a sound marketing strategy. Because it’s more effective than marketing only your products or services on social media as it’s inherently highly shareable. The same reason that people who visit through search engines value it, is why it performs so well on social media platforms. It answers the questions that people have about your niche and it isn’t just a blatant advertisement for your brand.

3. Greater Brand Awareness

company brand

Blogging should primarily be looked at to gain more traffic and conversions. It is also a potent means of increasing your company’s brand awareness. Quality information that is relevant to your niche helps to propel your business into a position of authority and to be seen as an expert in your industry.

A blog shows customers that not only do you have products or services that can be useful to them. It also shows that your company brand has a comprehensive and thoroughly developed understanding of the different problems they may face and how to solve them. A company brand is a powerful identity. However, a marketing strategy that examines every aspect of your company brand should be completed before you start marketing your brand.

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

 customer satisfaction

Content marketing through a blog provides customers with an additional service for free. And this increases the perception of value that your brand provides. This increases customer satisfaction exponentially. An advantage like that can be a gold mine against competitors who don’t have blogs or an effective content marketing plan in action. Your competitors may not have examined the benefits of a marketing strategy that includes a blog. That’s the perfect opportunity to stay ahead and gain authority with your website. And you can increase customer satisfaction in ways that the competition cannot. For example, you can offer services such as live chat, online registrations, offer online shopping, offer online courses, and much more.

In addition, a blog also represents an easy way to keep your customers updated when you release new offerings or make changes to your business. That’s an effective marketing strategy at your disposal. So, use it responsibly and you will reap the rewards!

5. Content Reusability

reusable content

Finally, a blog is also a great source of reusable content that can be transformed in many ways as needed. Infographics used in blog posts become graphics for social media posts. Videos can be used to start or further develop an existing YouTube marketing channel. If you’re smart about it, a single blog post can become a means to gain more search traffic. That is social media traffic, and even boost followers and subscriptions to your various accounts. These are part of a sound marketing strategy that should be documented to ensure optimal performance.


A blog is just one part of a successful marketing strategy. However, it’s important to make proficient use of it and you’ll gain many benefits through doing so. It’s also important to diversify your strategy. Never place too much emphasis on any one channel if you want to achieve the best results. You should also learn from the competition. What does their website look like, what content do they have; can I do better. Furthermore, you will need to invest in tools such as Ubersuggest to conduct keyword research and do some website audits. Finally, be willing to learn and grow!